2012–2015 Ravensbourne
BA Hons Graphic Design
First Class Honours


ISTD — International Society of Typographic Designers 2015 Student Assessment Award

Work Experience

Internship at PMN Group
July–August 2014

100 Shapes, London

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Campaign to raise awareness about how actions affect our planet.

Looking after our planet is one of our generations biggest challenges. How do we raise awareness among young people, get them to take responsibility and realise how their actions impact our planet?

We all use the internet, and most of use one search engine—Google. My response to the WWF — D&AD brief is a simple change; "" a proposed joint campaign between WWF and google. The idea is simple, when specific terms are searched, the impact that search term has on our planet is simulated through a broken user experience becoming a metaphor for our breaking planet. Continuing to search, causes the webpage to glitch further. More information on the topic becomes visible and allows the user to reflect on what they have searched for and take action.