2012–2015 Ravensbourne
BA Hons Graphic Design
First Class Honours


ISTD — International Society of Typographic Designers 2015 Student Assessment Award

Work Experience

Internship at PMN Group
July–August 2014

100 Shapes, London

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The Droning Anglepoise

Interactive art project

The Droning Anglepoise is an ongoing project, which challenges the way we think and interact with everyday objects, namely; pen, paper and light—removing preconceived notions of what they do. The project is pretty much what the title says. It is a droning Anglepoise lamp which reacts to drawn content placed beneath it. The lamp turns the drawing into a sound which can be heard by the user. What you are left with is not only a visual piece of art/data, but also your own recording! A recording of your making which can be archived and then played by someone else.

More to come!